About Us

Meet Victoria


Victoria is the founder of Indigo Improvements.  Her natural gift of organizing presented itself during her childhood.  She comes from a multi-generational family of collectors of antiques, art, collectibles and other items.  Victoria adopted this love and appreciation of "stuff” during her childhood and became, as she calls it, an "organized hoarder”.  All of her possessions had a home and appeared organized and orderly.  After moving several times, she came to the realization many of her items were her security blankets, and although they made her feel safe, they also made her life stressful trying to maintain them.  Thus the journey of de-cluttering and keeping her remaining items organized and aesthetically pleasing began.  

Victoria created Indigo Improvements to help others with this task and achieve the serenity she has found in having an uncluttered and organized home.  Victoria currently lives with her fiancé, just outside of Boston. In her free time, Victoria loves animals, meditation, and spending time with her family and friends .